Mobile and Computer Data Retrieval

Our Forensic Examiners provide professional mobile and computer data retrieval. Our Forensic Examiners are experts in gathering, recovering, analyzing, and retrieving data evidence from computers and other digital media. These are just a few examples of services our Forensic Examiners can provide.

  • Desktop/Laptop/iPad/Tablet
  • Smartphones
  • Digital Cameras
  • External Hard Disk Drives, Flash Drives/Thumb Drives, Media Cards
  • Deleted Files and Fragments
  • Cloud Resources
  • GPS
  • HRIS Database Systems (HR and Policy Manuals)
  • Records Management
  • Financial and Accounting Systems
  • Security Systems
  • POS Systems
  • Servers (email, file, web, workgroups, user shares)
  • Personal Network Folder
  • Shared File Server


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