Pre-employment Background Check

Not doing a pre-employment background check on your employees can cost your business in instances of theft, embezzlement, lawsuits, or even worse, a deadly shooting.

There is no universal way to perform a pre-employment background check. The level of depth and scope will vary based on the purpose of your search. A pre-employment background check for an entry level employee will not be the same as one for a high level manager. And a pre-employment background check on an individual will differ greatly from one performed on an organization. Our pre-employment background checks can be as comprehensive as you need, depending on your requirements.

Sharpline Investigations provides it’s clients with a vast network of data including, but not limited to, information from county records searches to international searches. Sharpline has hundreds of cutting edge pre-employment background check screening techniques that will eliminate any and all of your toughest background screening concerns.


National Criminal Database Search
  • A search for criminal convictions from compiled national criminal databases.
  • This search will reveal felony convictions as well as felony charges reduced to misdemeanor charges thus resulting in misdemeanor convictions.
  • A national search for all persons convicted of crimes involving sex, including rape, molestation, sexual harassment and pornography production or distribution.

Sharpline Investigations utilizes the nation criminal database search as a precursory search for more in depth county searches. This search is not recommended to be used as a complete criminal background check on an applicant.

County Criminal Search
  • County misdemeanor and felony criminal court record search
  • Reveals seven years of misdemeanor and felony criminal offenses
Social Security Number Trace
  • A search of the Social Security database files and search of credit bureau files to authenticate the subject’s SSN and name.
  • This search shows prior addresses and other names including (maiden/alias/aka) associated with the subject.
  • This search may also uncover evidence of identity theft and/or a SSN number being used that belonged to someone who is now deceased.
  • In addition this serves as a huge asset when compiling a list of county criminal checks for an applicant.
Employment Verification
  • 46% of employment, credential, and educational reference checks revealed discrepancies from what the reference reported over the applicant.
  • Sharpline Investigations’ private investigators identify whether or not an applicant was employed by the company, their start and end date, position held, reason for leaving, eligibility for rehire, and salary.
Education Verification
  • 46% of employment, credential, and educational reference checks revealed discrepancies from what the reference reported over the applicant.
  • Sharpline Investigations’ private investigators identify whether or not an applicant graduated from a particular college or university.
Professional License Verification
  • 46% of professional license verification checks revealed discrepancies from what was verified over what the applicant listed on their resume.
  • Sharpline Investigations’ private investigators identify and confirm professional licenses listed by the applicant on their resume.
Volunteer Background Screening
  • A service offered by Sharpline Investigations for screening of extended or temporary workforces, volunteer workforces, and also including vendor checks. Any and all of Sharpline Investigations products can be tailored to fit your company’s specific needs.
Driving Records / History / MVR
  • Sharpline Investigations can provide a driver’s history that will reveal motor vehicle violations, suspensions and revocations, and will specify the type of license granted or any restrictions of use. Also, in some states, convictions for driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs can only be revealed through this check.

Sharpline offers a user friendly online ordering system. All of the ordering is done through an internet browser, and takes approximately 2-3 minutes to input the applicant’s information. Sharpline Investigations provides online archiving which allows its clients the ability to retrieve historical reports with ease and without having to contact anyone. All information is kept in the strictest confidentiality and with the highest levels of security available. Sharpline Investigations servers are housed in an offsite secure data center, protected by high definition cameras, and a highly secure server room that requires access control to enter. The servers are mounted in locked cabinets that only authorized personnel have access. In addition, all data transmissions to and from the servers, including XML traffic, is encrypted using SSL certificates.

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