Corporate Investigations

Sharpline Investigations specializes in corporate investigations and fraud prevention services. According to a study conducted by the ACFE, internal theft is the biggest contributor in financial losses for corporations. Each year businesses lose more than 5% of their revenues to fraud. Small businesses are the most vulnerable and suffer the biggest losses when it comes to fraud.

Digital Forensics, Surveillance, and Undercover Operations are all forms of effective fact-finding strategies utilized by our private investigators while conducting corporate fraud investigations.

Corporate Investigations

Sharpline’s private investigators have extensive training and knowledge in conducting corporate investigations. Our private investigators detect financial losses, identify the responsible parties involved, recover losses, and create a client specific solution shown to decrease fraud within the work place.

Our private investigators are Certified Fraud Examiners and use effective fact-finding strategies during our corporate fraud investigations. Our strategies include but are not limited to surveillance and undercover operations, GPS fleet tracking, employee interviews, the identification of witnesses, and the retrieval and examination of critical documents and data.

The following are some of the fraudulent activities we investigate:

  • Unauthorized wiring of funds without proper authorizations
  • Unexplained inventory loss
  • Corporate espionage
  • Non-compete clause
  • Employee misconduct
  • Internal theft of product and inventory
  • Mismanagement and theft of intellectual property
Digital Forensics

Does your business utilize laptops, desktops, tablets, PDAs, smartphones, printers, email servers, file servers, external storage devices, websites or social media accounts? If so you are generating data. These volumes of data can tell a story about who initially created it, how it was created, and when it was created. It also can reveal if the data was ever moved, providing you with the user that moved the data and the location it was moved to. When fraudulent activity arises within your business, data retrieval and analysis plays an integral part in conducting a successful investigation.

Surveillance & Undercover Operations

Sharpline Investigations specializes in conducting covert physical surveillance and undercover operations within businesses. Sharpline’s investigators are trained to be strategically placed within a business and pose as an employee or customer. Undercover operations have proven to save businesses money by uncovering internal theft or identifying other types of fraud. Surveillance and undercover operations will provide you with an unbiased insight into how your business is being run and what is really going on while you are not there.

Below is a description of the surveillance services we provide:

Standard Surveillance & Undercover Operations – Prior to the start of your case, preliminary site reconnaissance is conducted to determine the best course of action. During this initial phase, Sharpline’s private investigators will document the surroundings in detail to construct a well-organized and effective surveillance or undercover operations plan. Based upon the information obtained during our site reconnaissance specific types of vehicles are then selected to conduct stationary and mobile surveillance. We utilize state-of-the-art monitoring equipment, which will be selected dependent upon your investigative requirements. Sharpline also understands that surveillance is not only conducted within the confines of a vehicle. We have implemented alternative surveillance techniques in the event the target subject travels to a location not accessible by vehicle. Sharpline also has an All-Terrain and Marine Unit, which has the ability to launch anywhere within the state of Florida. See our All-Terrain and Marine Unit section.

Complex Surveillance Operations – Sharpline may recommend the use of two or more private investigators to conduct surveillance operations based on the complexity of your case. This is determined on a case by case basis and would be recommended after evaluating the specific needs of your case. The use of two or more private investigators has shown to increase the collection of evidence. This method allows for constant flexibility, even when our private investigators are encountered with uncontrolled variables. In no means is the complex surveillance required but it is recommended to produce the highest quality of results even in the most demanding cases.

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