Plaintiff Personal Injury Investigations

Sharpline specializes in plaintiff personal injury investigations to help personal injury attorneys strengthen their case. All of Sharpline’s investigations are conducted with the expectation that our finalized report will be presented in the court of law or utilized during litigation. Sharpline’s private investigators are prior law enforcement officers who have extensive training in scene investigation and documentation. Our private investigators uncover the details and facts, which may have caused the injuries to your client. Sharpline’s private investigators also conduct interviews and obtain sworn statements, which are used to uncover additional details of information and identify additional key witnesses not named in the police report. These fact-based documents have been proven to be vital to the case. We ensure all witnesses who have factual knowledge in regards to the claim are identified and interviewed.

Our private investigators use the following techniques to assist in plaintiff personal injury investigations:

  • Interviews and scene investigations - Private investigators will interview witnesses and other individuals who have knowledge of the incident to learn how the accident occurred. We will then provide your office with an easy to follow Q & A transcription of the interview.
  • Background checks and records research – An investigation into a personal injury case may include pulling the 911 call audio, CAD call notes, police report, and information on the defendant’s driving history. This information will help you leverage the other side to accept liability for the claim and prepare your firm for depositions.
  • Evidence gathering – Private investigators will obtain digital photographs and other evidence needed for plaintiff personal injury claims. This can include: measuring a crack in a sidewalk, gathering video surveillance of an incident scene, identifying additional witnesses not listed on the incident report, and visiting the scene of a crash to take photographs and measurements.
  • Process serving – Our process servers are responsive, professional, and timely with your legal documents.


Sharpline’s private investigators are also Florida Notary Publics. They are authorized by law to administer oaths or affirmations, take acknowledgements, attest to photocopies of certain documents, verify vehicle identification numbers (VINs), and certify the contents of a safe-deposit box.

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