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Sharpline believes a “Bodyguard” or “Executive Protection Specialist” is far more than a large guy in a suit and sunglasses. The ideal Protection Specialist should be a cross between Diplomat and Gladiator. He/She should be educated and well-rounded with an appearance that does not draw undue attention to your presence. He/She should be fluid, able to adapt to any environment, and most importantly be able to adjust to your schedule. Sharpline’s Protection Specialists focus on facilitating what needs to be done by accomplishing your agenda and causing as little intrusion on your privacy as possible; all with keeping your security and public image at the forefront.

At Sharpline Investigations, we specialize in Protective Concierge Solutions, which encompasses all of this and more. Our team of Protection Specialists is highly trained and qualified experts in their field, who have undergone and completed a rigorous screening process. We cut NO corners to ensure your safety, security, and privacy is not compromised from the time you leave your home until you return safely. Whether you are planning a night out on the town, traveling, or taking a day trip, we can assure you all your needs will be taken care of.

We offer a full service Protective Concierge package. This includes assigning one person to handle your needs in regards to the coordination of your movements for your requested security package. This can include anything and everything you can imagine. We have strategic partnerships in place that ensure your level of client satisfaction remains untarnished.

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