Our Story

Our story from law enforcement officer to private investigator began many years ago. We have always had a passion for lending a helping hand. We met five years ago in law enforcement where we became partners and eventually close friends. On the job we went through a lot together, which ultimately helped our bond grow stronger.

Our journey began years ago in the parking lot of a closed restaurant.  One evening in 2012, while off duty we were having dinner at a local restaurant. After we ate we stood in the parking lot for hours talking about our dreams of one day becoming entrepreneurs. During that conversation, the idea of Sharpline Investigations was born.

For three years we spent countless hours researching the private investigations industry. Every day off, we would meet and brain storm for countless hours. We ensured every detail of our company was thought out so we could create the “perfect” private investigations company for our clients.

As the years began to pass, we became more and more anxious to launch our new company. In 2014 we incorporated with the goal of being the leading private investigations company in Florida. Our quality investigations, attention to detail, and responsiveness have built quite a following in Florida – but it’s our blend of one-on-one attention, and sincere, personal service that has captured the attention of those we serve.

How do we do it? It’s all about our clients. Each case we work, we have you in mind: the objectives of the case, how to get the evidence legally, and what will create the wow factor that will leave you amazed.

The cornerstone of our belief system embodies exceptional character, relentless competence, and peerless commitment. We have molded and shaped Sharpline around these keystones of moral fiber. Everything our company does and stands for strives to embody these values above all else and to give the client what they’re paying for. As Sharpline continues to grow, our values – leadership, character, teamwork, commitment, honesty, and excellence – will always remain at the heart of who we are.