Child Custody Investigations

During a divorce children are oftentimes caught in a “tug of war” struggle between parents. Sharpline limits the stress by assisting you in uncovering the truth and documenting the evidence of a negligent parent and/or their new significant other. Thorough investigations can provide you with answers about your child’s safety and welfare. The evidence obtained by our investigators can show parental irresponsibility proving to the court that you deserve to be an intricate part of your children’s lives. Don’t wait until it is too late to discover the other parent is exposing your children to avoidable hazards.

Sharpline’s investigators incorporate some of the following techniques into child custody investigations:

  • Separate interviews and sworn statements with each parent and their children
  • Conduct inspections of each of the involved parties residences
  • Conduct observations of each of the parents and their children
  • Identify and interview other residents living inside the home
  • Conduct interviews with neighbors
  • Gather additional information in reference to school attendance and performance
  • Comprehensive background checks conducted on all involved parties

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