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Infidelity within relationships has continued to increase exponentially over the years. Cheating can occur anywhere, anytime, and anyplace, however the work place is among the most common location for infidelity. Our cheating spouse private investigators are experienced in identifying the signs of infidelity and can assist you in finding the truth.

Sharpline has listed the following signs most commonly associated with a cheating partner.

• Changes in behavior
• Increasing the amount of time they stay “late” at work
• Suddenly taking more “business trips”
• Being attached to their cell phone
• Hanging up quickly upon your arrival
• Lack of affection
• Changes in sexual behavior
• Always keeping their phone on silent
• An increase in going out with people, not involving you
• A family history of cheating
• Sudden changes to passwords; creating new email or social media accounts
• Unexplained absences
• An increase in spending habits
• Consistently talking about a co-worker or new “friend”
• Changes in their appearance; losing weight, dressing differently, changing their hairstyle, etc.
• Typical routines taking significantly longer than normal; hair salon, gym, grocery store, etc.

You may also realize your significant other is beginning to travel more frequently. It has been discovered that someone who you suspect is cheating at home is also cheating during their travels. A cheating partner may say they are traveling for “business” or “trips with friends” when in reality it is nothing more than a vacation with another lover. During these travels the cheating partner is uninterrupted and able to spend quality time with their new lover. Sharpline has the ability to conduct investigations requiring travel. See Sharpline’s Travel Investigations.

GPS Tracking has also been instrumental in discovering the activities of a dishonest partner. Sharpline uses state of the art GPS devices to covertly track and document the activities of a partner in question. See GPS Tracking.

As you continue to recognize more signs of infidelity, don’t wait to get the answers you deserve. Our cheating spouse private investigators work diligently with your best interests in mind during this difficult and emotional time.


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