Sharpline Investigations specializes in all types of private investigative matters requiring surveillance. Frequently our investigators are called upon to surveil subjects in the areas of infidelity, child custody, civil and criminal issues, person and asset locates, and other custom investigations depending upon your individual needs. Sharpline understands that some cases will require more resources to effectively gather evidence during your investigation.

Below is a description of the surveillance services we provide:

Standard Surveillance Operations

Sharpline utilizes numerous surveillance methods to match your specific investigative requirements. Prior to the start of your case, preliminary site reconnaissance is conducted to determine the best course of action. During this initial phase, Sharpline will document the surroundings in detail to construct a well-organized and effective plan. Specific types of vehicles are used to conduct stationary and mobile surveillance, which is selected based upon our site reconnaissance. We utilize state-of-the-art monitoring equipment, which will be selected dependent upon your investigative requirements. Sharpline also understands that surveillance is not only conducted within the confines of a vehicle. We have implemented alternative techniques in the event the target subject travels to a location not accessible by vehicle. Sharpline’s All-Terrain and Marine Unit has the ability to launch anywhere within the State of Florida. See our All-Terrain and Marine Unit section.

All Inclusive Surveillance Packages Available

Complex Surveillance Operations

Sharpline may recommend the use of two or more investigators to conduct surveillance operations based on the complexity of your case. This is determined on a case by case basis and would be recommended after evaluating the specific needs of your case. The use of two or more investigators has shown to increase the collection of evidence. This method allows for constant flexibility, even when our investigators are encountered with uncontrolled variables. In no means is the complex surveillance required but it is recommended to produce the highest quality of results even in the most demanding cases.

All Inclusive Surveillance Packages Available

Travel Investigations

Investigations are not solely conducted within the local setting. Sharpline’s investigators are able to travel outside the State of Florida to conduct investigations such as:

Infidelity Investigations
-Is your significant other traveling without you?
Business Trips
-Does your significant other take frequent business trips?
-Do you have a significant other, family member, or child who is vacationing without you?
Cruise Ship Vacations
-Are you curious as to what is really going on while your significant other, family member, or child is on a cruise?


Don’t let your significant other, family member, or child’s travels keep you in the dark. Sharpline can provide you with insight on what they are really doing on vacation and mitigate safety risks during their travels. Sharpline also offers customized travel packages to suit any itinerary upon request.

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